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Our Technology

We Cracked the Code On Quick, Effective and Convenient Delivery of All Natural Pain Relief Once and For All.

At Viridian, we’ve created a Cream Based Delivery system unlike anything else in the marketplace.

This patented technology allows molecules to be transported quickly and effectively through the skin — with rapid penetration to reach its target. 

We can now deliver molecules to areas that could only be reached through IV with unmatched bioavailability.

Our technology bridges the two worlds of science and nature together, including:

  • Leveraging R&D. At Viridian, our technology comes from our commitment to investing in research, development, efficacy and emerging technology.
  • Proprietary Delivery. Viridian’s patented molecular delivery technology sets the standard for absorption and bioavailability.
  • Clinical Study. With a long term commitment to proving efficacy and delivery, our products are tested on real people from varying populations.
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