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Who We Are

We’re a Passionate Team Committed to Redefining the Status Quo of the Pain Management Industry. 

At Viridian Pharmaceuticals, we are a hardworking team of doctors, scientists, and experts dedicated to improving our customer’s lives through the highest quality transdermal natural pain management products in the marketplace.

In an emerging market, we believe a lack of scientific rigor and investment in R&D is leaving potential customers confused at best, with many avoiding use altogether.

The marketplace deserves better than being misled by over-hyped products with little-to-no clinical research. We are tired of a lack of transparency in our industry with too many unsupported claims. 

We’ve made it our mission to become a beacon in natural therapeutics, with a focus on:

  • Scientific Rigor. Our products are built from the ground up and rooted in cutting edge science and technology. From there, we enlist best-in-class manufacturing facilities to bring our products to life.
  • Committed to Quality. From the quality of our ingredients, to the sophistication of our manufacturing and packaging, we’re committed to raising the standard.
  • Clinically Backed. At Viridian, we continue to invest in clinical studies to prove long term efficacy and bioavailability. Learn more about our clinical studies.
  • Regulatory Focus. Ongoing legislation in regards to cannabis and hemp is of utmost importance to us. With varying State, Local and FDA regulations —we work with one of the nation’s leading law firms to provide counsel and navigate changes.